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JP STUDIO ART printing house

The company was established in 1998 in response to market needs for professional and extensive marketing services. We have many years of experience in designing and creating the identity and uniqueness of each project. Our mission is to continuously develop and improve our offer. Our goal is to quickly and professionally respond to your marketing needs by introducing innovative products to the market and professional service for even small economic entities. We handle advertising with passion. Area of activity of JP STUDIO ART printing house is based on the principal of full performance, control and liability – from design to finished product. Our clients do not have to involve other entities – We take full responsibility for the implementation and course of each single order.


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Digital print

Kielce is a thriving city. New companies translate into new printables. Nowadays, even small companies are in need of printing documents, business cards and educational materials. Currently digital printing is one of the most popular printing techniques in Kielce, that our printing house offers. If you need one or more copies, digital printing will be a perfect choice. Our digital printing house is leading when it comes to production speed and flexibility. The quality of printed copies becomes better and better and the printing technology allows us to personalize your printout. Due to unexcessive prices, everyone can afford our digital printing services in Kielce. In this type of printing we can skip a long process of preparation which normally precedes the actual printing of materials. Digital printing also offers a rich palette of colors and substrates: from classic paper to decorative ones.


Offset printing

Offset printing in Kielce is the second most popular function of industrial printing. It is perfect for large quantities of copies. The larger the print run, the more profitable the price - this is the reason for offset printing being often used in printing promotional materials. With large print runs, the price of this service is unmatched. The offset printing technique is characterized by perfect precision (even the smallest details are very clear) and high durability. Using this method in implementation of prints allows for a very accurate reproduction of the project on the selected material, where rich and vibrant colors complete the picture. Our offset printing house in Kielce is very popular because it is an ideal solution for creating posters, leaflets, books and catalogues. It can be used with untypical materials, such as thick cardboard, foil or adhesive paper. If you are interested in printing a large amount of copies, choose Kielce offset printing and check our offer.


Graphic design studio

Our graphic design studio Kielce is a group of people with passion. Each content, even the most valuable one, should be embellished with beautiful and creative graphics in such a way that the form of the visual message is consistent with it. The graphic studio creates projects according to the individual needs of our clients. We give the original artwork to the projects and we create interesting leaflets, posters and roll-ups. We are aware of the importance of the image profile of each company, which is why we create it in a clear and coherent way. The graphic studio makes sure that all designed materials are useful in creating a strong position in the market. We can create your website from scratch with full awareness. We can provide a unique and trendy artwork, tailored individually to the needs of your company. Our graphic design studio Kielce is able to design almost any project for you, from a simple advertising creation to a full branded visual identity.



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